Coral Fann White

Coral Fann White

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Material: resin

Size: 15x11.5x20cm

The waves seem to have worked their dynamics on it-the petalled feel of the coral fan, indicative of the waters and its activity that ahs led to the creation of tis stunning sculpture inspired from a natural phenomenon if marine is the way you desire your home to look, what could be more instinctively oceanic than the presence of corals that represent the perfect marine ecosystem.

Make a splash of marine kind with a sculpture created from sturdy resin that closely imitates the beauty of a real coral fan. Its is all of 22 cm in height and 19 cm in length and sits atop a sturdy square stand like structure that gives its fan like shape just the right form of balance. The perforated body dotted and leavened in petal like shape has a unique kid of presence. The textured body implores you to touch and feel it. The resin replicates a calcified body of the sculpture with such accuracy that its bound to create the same kind of ripples in your living room as the ripples in the warm waters that create such natural wonders. Place this on sideboards, consoles, or under a light source to help highlight its gorgeous kind of beauty.